Palm Wine is a conjectural and distant look at the post-global movement of sounds and their related images, dazed by alcohol vapours. This shifting of contents can take unexpected routes forward and backward, travels in the outer space depicting a magical conception of distance between past, present and the next world. Palm Wine publishes a new text every two months, in different languages and from diverse contributors.

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Simone Bertuzzi (1983) is half of Invernomuto since 2003, operating in the fields of visual arts and cross-discipline practices. He started the blog Palm Wine in 2009, now on its third version. He was behind Bunker Sonidero, a monthly party in Turin which run until 2015 and collaborates with festivals and events such as OPEN (Triennale di Milano, 2012), Sonido Classics (Milano, 2016), MASH (Milano, 2015/2016). As a DJ, he spins warm and border-crossing tunes. He teaches Multimedia Design at Academy of Fine Arts of Bergamo and occasionally works as a promoter and music consultant.

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Mattia Capelletti (1991) is an independent curator. In 2016 he started collaborating with Costanza Candeloro under the moniker Idioletta: a platform for exhibiting borderline literature at the intersection with visual arts, and engaged in discourse around orality and the performed word. Since 2015 he collaborates with ESTAR(SER), a research collective that investigates into the historicity of The Order of the Third Bird (and the science, history, and politics of attention more broadly) in publications, performance lectures, workshops and exhibitions. He works as assistant to Invernomuto, handling production and participating in research.

Marta Collini (1987) is an accidental copywriter with research interests in anthropology, visual arts, and the social life of images, sounds, and imaginaries in transnational societies. Her stance is nurtured by – but not limited to – queer theory and third wave feminism with particular attention to intersectionality. Before working in marketing and communication she collaborated with an independent magazine and an ethnographic museum.